So, What Exactly Does Registry Cleaning Software Do For My Computer?

If you have read any of my other articles on this topic, you will now have an understanding that trying to fix computer registry errors yourself, using a very time consuming manual method is frankly a very bad idea! It’s much better, in my opinion to use reliable and proven registry cleaning software. However, before you try using one of these programs it is probably quite useful to understand exactly what registry cleaning software does.

A good registry cleaning program will fix the recurring, incorrect, and otherwise errant registry entries found in your Windows® registry. The goal of reliable registry cleaning software is simply to work automatically and accurately so you do not have to lift a finger to get this otherwise time consuming job done to clean the computer registry and free it from registry errors.

As you may know, the Windows® registry often has lots of errors. Something as simple as installing and uninstalling software and hardware creates registry entries, and oftentimes also causes registry errors. These registry errors build up over time and lead to problems like computer freezes, crashes, sluggish or stalled programs, the dreaded ‘blue screen of death’ and more.

That is why it’s so important to find good registry cleaning software. Sadly, like much software there are some programs available that are simply not worth spending your money on. Some will to rigorously scan your computer and will over report registry errors and, even worse, some will over clean non-errors. This can cause serious problems on your computer! And yes, believe it or not, some of the worst ‘freeware’ has even been found to have malware (malicious software) included.

My suggestion is that you simply complete a Google® search for ‘registry cleaner’ and try our one that is consistently and positively reviewed. This will help you decide what may be the best program for your computer. One thing to remember is that most good registry cleaners will be free to try out. Then, after installing and running the registry cleaning software you can decide whether or not you want to use the cleaner functionality (which will often then be at a cost.)

When you have found a good registry cleaning package, it will simply scan your computer registry for errors. It will report them back to you onscreen so you can see exactly what it recommends you fix. If it looks like it is ‘over reporting’ errors (which unfortunately, is not really easy for most people to figure out), then can I suggest you try a couple or more to get some comparison and if you get a ‘similar’ report from more than one program, then you may well have found a good program to use.

After reporting the registry errors to you, it should be as straightforward as clicking a button to have the software clean the errors in your computer registry. The software programs will often give you a choice of manually reviewing the proposed changes (which can prevent a lot of problems), or having the software complete the registry cleaning process automatically.

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