How Can You Get the Best Computer Registry Clean?

Do you want to get the best computer registry repair? If so, it indicates that you know it is important to wipe out the registry. If not, the following important information is offered here about the process and how to find great registry cleaners.

The best computer registry clean software depends on the definition you make on “the best”. Thus, if you just want a free registry cleaner, it is hard to find one that can offer good quality result. However, if you would like to spend just a little money in buying a cheap but effective registry clean software, you can get more cheerful results.

The following is about where to look for:

It is clear that browsing the Internet can offer you many locations, but most of the locations are probably dangerous to review because most companies instruct you in order to make money. Nowadays it is not easy to believe in an on-line resource.

The websites providing real experience from persons who have used computer registry cleaners and know which cleaners can provide the best effect!

Registry Easy is a greatly acclaimed registry tools which most computer technicians and primary PC user recommend.

Perfect Optimizer is another advanced registry cleaner which one can easily find on-line. Do remember to browse for a discount code so that you can save some money.

It is from blogs that you can find trustworthy and reliable information. Blogs are written by real people to present what they have experienced in life. Maybe you can meet a blog which can tell you about the writer’s way of improving computer performance. It is possible that you may find others’ way to use PC registry cleaning software to reach their purpose. Since registry cleaning is very important for optimizing a computer, you should keep in mind that you are still far away from increasing computer speeds without a good clean.

Why should you clean out the registry?

It is a secret in the computer industry that PC technicians can simply and effectively repair computers by using registry cleaning software. A lot of computer companies let software do computer fixing-up instead of manual work because registry cleaning software do the process for them!

Your PC has to deal with many files stored in the registry.

* Too much data in the registry may cause registry combustion.
* Registry cleaning will make your computer run faster!

Registry in the computer will be hindered by junk data and files. It is useless to keep those files and the registry should be wiped out frequently. If not, your computer will run very slowly. Disposing registries will be very easy by using a registry cleaner and a PC registry cleaning software can optimize your computer instead of yourself.

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How to Clean Registry Errors – Using Registry Cleaning Software to Clean Your Windows Registry

Knowing how to clean registry errors is vitally important to your Windows PC health. It really should be the first task on your list for repair and maintenance of your system. The registry is so important because it acts as a database for every single file and program on your Windows operating system. So the question is…How to clean registry errors?

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy. There’s registry cleaning software that can take care of the whole process for you and show you how to fix registry errors in just minutes. This is not something you want to do by hand as you can cause more problems than you fix if you’re not familiar with navigating the registry.

I wanted to show you my test drive of my number one rated Registry Cleaning software, Reg Clean. I’ve tested a lot of Registry Cleaning software and Reg Clean is my favorite. It is super easy to use, has a slick interface and is cheap for all the features you get with it. Here are the steps to clean Registry errors using Reg Clean software:

1. Downloading the software is easy. I went to their home page and clicked the download button.

2. Installation took less than a minute. Then I fired the software up and it was ready to roll.

3. I simply pressed the Scan button and Reg Clean scanned my system and within a couple of minutes found over 380 problems with my Registry! Oh man, that is NOT good!

4. I then registered and purchased the software. Registration and purchase was easy. The final step was to fix those nasty problems. I pressed the Repair Problems button.

The whole process from start to finish took less than 5 minutes. I tested Reg Clean on a laptop running Windows XP with anti-virus protection and a personal firewall. My registry needed a good deal of cleaning and Reg Clean handled it like a charm.

This is why registry cleaning software is so important, because it’s much too difficult to try to fix registry errors manually. Editing entries in the registry incorrectly can result in loss of data, corruption of files and can even wipe out your entire operating system.

While there are quite a few registry cleaner software available, there are only a handful that actually work as advertised. Many of the registry cleaners I tested deleted the wrong data entries for certain applications on my system. A few of them even tried to delete data entries critical to the windows XP operating system. In fact, one piece of software I tested even caused my system to blue screen…and we all know about the blue screen of death. It’s not fun to try to fix that!

That’s why it’s critical that you insure that you find registry cleaning software that is reliable so you don’t have to worry about the software crashing your system. This is especially true if you don’t have much experience with Windows PCs or the Windows registry. Finding the right software that knows how to fix registry issues is vitally important if you want to keep your system healthy and running smoothly for years to come.

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Registry Clean in Windows XP

Is it or not necessary to clean your registry on windows XP? You may canceling this again and again, but one day slowing speed and errors will start to annoy you and then you will re-consider the importance of a registry cleaner. Don’t wait too long. It may be too late, you know?

Things you’ll need to clean your registry XP

To have a clean Registry under Windows XP, you’ll obviously need administrative privileges within Windows XP. The Windows XP registry is an important, if not the most important components of your PC. The registry is where Windows XP stores all of your computer’s devices and file associations as well as critical information about directories, drivers, Windows applications and more.

Most folks have no idea what is all about, because they never see where are the registry located, what they are doing, how they are improving or slowing down computer. Well, believe it: they are there and every move you make (even when you open a document or navigate on internet) is stored in the registry. So, to have them accurate, we must remove old entry’s, corrupted or duplicate entries, errors and 0kb files, unnecessary entries, clear cash, fix registry and so on. Don’t worry; you don’t have to do this manually.

Instructions on how to clean your Windows XP registry

To have an idea how registry works and how can they be edited or deleted, here is an example of how to access them (but is better not to really edit/delete anything, if you don’t know what you are doing! Just a little practice, okay?)

First of all, click the ‘Start’ button to open the start menu and click ‘run.’ The next step is important, type ‘regedit’ into the text field and press ‘enter.’ You will access many of the different entries in your Windows XP registry that are divided into different sections including but not limited to: HKEY_Current_USER, HKEY_LOCAL_Machine and so on. All the sections contain a different set of entries related to different aspects of the Windows operation.

The next step is to click on the plus sign next to one of the root directories to open a more detailed list. This second level will have even more directories to choose from, and it will make it easier to find entries you need to clean the registry. Now, delete entries in the directory that you know are either no longer necessary or creating conflicts with your PC. You can do this by pressing the ‘Delete’ key or by right clicking and choosing ‘Delete entry’. You may also edit them and change the registry value.

Now… to be sure you will not do something wrong in your registry database, the best idea to invest in a third-party registry application (some are free), to help you clean your registry. There are several applications available to do the dirty work for you. Some of the third-party applications even include backup capabilities to retrace their steps in the event of a critical error. Just Google them with these keywords: ‘registry fix’ or ‘clean my registry’.

Next, clean your boot records by changing which programs load themselves at startup. You don’t want to have too many applications open at start up; it can cause conflicts and make your PC run slower. Click start, run and write in there: msconfig and click startup. There you can disable programs that you don’t need right from the start.

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